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Play online on your smartphone

In online mode, you can play using not only a computer. The mobile version of Volcano will allow you to enjoy your favorite slots on any portable device - smartphone or tablet. It loads as fast as a regular website. With its help, you will be able to enjoy gambling anytime and anywhere: in the office, at home, on the street .

Pros of the "pocket" version of the game portal

Visitors to the Vulkan club will enjoy the mobile version with the following advantages: Вулкан мобильная версия

  • thoughtful interface;
  • high download speed;
  • availability of access to a wide range of slot machines.

Playing in the club Vulkan on the mobile version of the site, you will have full access to your profile and account and will be able to participate in tournaments and lotteries, wager bonuses and cash out prizes. If you have any questions, please contact the technical support of the institution - specialists will be happy to help you. Use e-mail to contact them. The range of gambling entertainment in the mobile version is huge. It contains hundreds of the best emulators of the following well-known companies: Playtech, Igrosoft, NetEnt, Unicum, Belatra, etc. Besides slot machines, gamers are invited to enjoy video poker and different types of roulette (European, French, American).

Can I download the casino to my mobile device?

The Vulcan casino mobile version provides gamers with convenient and round-the-clock access to games. But besides it, there is also a mobile application designed for gadgets running the following operating systems:

  1. Android;
  2. iOS.

By downloading it on any of the verified sites, you can customize the interface to your liking. A special program for mobile gadgets has a well-thought-out menu and a large number of options. At the same time, it is compatible even with low-power devices and practically does not affect the rate of battery discharge.

Comfort and safety of playing in the online club

Вулкан казино мобильная версияПоклонники азартных развлечений, играя на мобильной версии казино Вулкан, могут не переживать по поводу своей безопасности. У нас работают квалифицированные программисты, знающие, как защитить профили геймеров от взлома. Кроме того, мы гарантируем посетителям сайта сохранение конфиденциальности: сведения о них не попадут в руки к третьим лицам. Данные, указываемые игроками о себе во время регистрации в заведении, хранятся на серверах в зашифрованном виде. Используются же они исключительно для проверки возраста пользователей, совершенствования сервиса и организации важных информационных рассылок. В казино с мобильного телефона играть очень комфортно. При запуске слотов в Интернете никто не будет лезть к вам с советами или выпрашивать чаевые. В режиме онлайн геймеры могут в любой момент прервать вращение катушек аппаратов и заняться другими делами.

Full version site

Not every user is used to hearing such an expression as an online casino mirror. The gambling industry has changed significantly over the past few years. The number of players is growing every day. Earning with the help of casinos and bookmaker's offices has become a reality, but many more people are visiting such establishments in the first place just to get a break from the domestic bustle.

Online casino mirror: concept and properties

. Probably, each second or third had a situation where the player accidentally found that he is NOT at the address at which he originally registered or played. Naturally, all this causes panic. Didn't you get to the site of cheaters? Will they be able to take my money from the site? Will I be able to withdraw my money from the accounts? All these questions, to which inexperienced players are trying to find answers. IMPORTANT: the mirror is a copy of the Internet resource. Everything is saved in it: from appearance to functionality. The mirror stores all the information:
  • Information about the player in the personal cabinet (if the profile is filled, everything will remain in place);
  • .
  • Current balance (all money will remain in the accounts);
  • Technical support correspondence history
  • Filling and withdrawal.

Mirror - is it safe? Absolutely! From a technical point of view, the mirror does NOT play a role for users. IMPORTANT: the only change to the mirrors is the address in the browser line. It does NOT affect the quality of the whole system.

Why do you create mirrors? The main factor is the ban on online casinos. In Russia, Belarus and Ukraine has begun total control of gambling business. And when it comes to gambling, where millions of dollars are, the state can NOT pass by. The main reason to create mirrors is to block the casino. How does it happen?

Blocking is a problem for online casinos

. In 2014, it was decided to control the gambling industry in Russia. In this case, each gambling platform should take the following measures:
  1. Get a license to work in the Russian Federation honestly;
  2. .
  3. Get off the market.
IMPORTANT: online casinos have been banned under all pretexts. It is impossible to pass the licensing. Specially for control was created a body called Roskomnadzor. In addition, it developed software that blocks the work with illegal gambling sites.

Example of blockages

. If yesterday players could visit the Casino Vavada website, today there is no such opportunity. A player can NOT access the site because it was blocked by RKN (Roskomnadzor). To get around this problem, create mirrors. The Developer's Department steadily adds mirrors to its archive. As soon as one address is blocked, the next one is started. Example: If yesterday a user was at "", tomorrow he can go in and see "" in his browser line.

Why are online casinos blocked?
  1. This is how the state forces to obtain a license for its activities, getting rid of the shadow gambling business. Everything goes into taxes through the treasury.
IMPORTANT: we remind you that online casinos can NOT obtain an official license for their work. This feature is only available for bookmaker's offices.
  1. International players often appear in the online casino. This makes you think about restarting your business (children spend their own money WITHOUT parental influence).
  2. .

Volcano 24

The "Vulcan" brand is extremely popular in the CIS countries. Casino "Vulcan 24" is a satellite of the above-mentioned company. Legally, they are NOT linked, but each user understands exactly where it came from.

What is Casino Volcano 24?

  • Gambling house with extensive experience
  • Simple, convenient and attractive website;
  • Availability of bonuses and promotions (for new and regular players);
  • .
  • Easy entry and exit (many different options);
  • .
  • Knownable, safe brand in CIS countries
  • Qualitative service (support is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week).
Users pay special attention to the search for a mirror of the casino Vulcan 24. On this site will always be present the working address of this online casino! Administrators add current links on a daily basis.

How easy is it to login? To play casino Vulcan 24 can users as follows:
  1. Browser help (by running the site in any browser);
  2. .
  3. Customer assistance (you will need to download the software to your smartphone);
  4. Access the mobile app (you can download to your phone at Play Market).
IMPORTANT: if you don't want to constantly look for working mirrors Vulcan 24, you need to download the client or application on your phone. No service can block access to the client's work (the same applies to Roskomnadzor). All you need to do to enter is to save a shortcut on your desktop. To open the client, you need at least  

мобильный ВулканНесмотря на рост популярности мобильных устройств, гэмблеры не забывают и о полной версии сайта. Ее ежедневно запускают тысячи людей, использующих настольные ПК и ноутбуки. Полная версия портала постоянно совершенствуется. Она работает без сбоев во всех браузерах. Для ее нормального функционирования необходима лишь актуальная версия Adobe Flash Player. При использовании устаревшего плагина некоторые эмуляторы могут не запускаться. Как и «карманный» вариант казино, его стандартная версия позволит вам насладиться сотнями увлекательных игр, не покидая дома. Играя на интерес и сражаясь за призы на портале Вулкан, вы избавитесь от плохого настроения и сорвете отличный куш!